[MUD-Dev] META: What do game companies look for?

Eli Stevens listsub at wickedgrey.com
Thu Apr 11 11:36:26 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: "Talies the Wanderer" <snicker at pinkpig.com>

> This goes to all the developers out there who have ever tried to
> hire a staff.  I have a few H/R-type questions for you:

>   1) How important is...

[snip interesting questions]

> Thanks for your time - if you wish to respond privately, that's
> okay, too.  I'm trying to get an understanding of HR methodology
> in the game developers corner of the universe, as compared to the
> generic software development sector (which I'm in right now).

I am interested in any responses that Tailes solicits - I will be
graduating in a month, and would find any additional information
useful.  Somehow, I suspect that there are many others (lurkers?) 
who would also find it interesting.  :) Talies, are you subscribed
to Meta?  If replies are getting OT, they could be directed there (I
would hate for this to stir up another [Meta] Advertising thread

<EdNote: Replies on this thread should go to Meta.  I doubt it will
get out of hand>

Apologies for the content-less post.  :/ Is there an appropriate
[TAG] I should use for messages like this?  :)

<EdNote: How about META?>

Thanks also,

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