[MUD-dev] Fun in Games

Trickey Trickey
Fri Apr 12 19:45:14 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: Brandon J. Van Every [mailto:vanevery at 3DProgrammer.com]
> Rob Trickey wrote:
>>>   "Fun is the primary and key component of games."
>> This is true, but if you get too literal about it the sentence
>> loses its meaning. Basically, something's "fun" if it made the
>> game worth playing.
> Is "Schindler's List" fun?

But "Schindler's List" isn't a game.  "Fun", in the context of
games, is casually used to mean a lot of different things.  I think
whoever said, "Fun is the primary and key component of games", meant
it in a casual if-its-entertaining/worthwhile-it's-fun sense, kinda
like how people apply the word "cool" to damn near anything that's
good in some way.

Hehe, this whole thread reminds me of a scene in "Donnie Brasco"
where Johnny Depp is explaining the phrase "Fuhgit about it" :)

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