[MUD-Dev] [DGN] MUD developer's motives

David Yazel wizofid at shore.net
Fri Apr 12 22:25:17 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

This is a very interesting question. I can commiserate with Rickey's
response regarding being god, but for me it actually is almost the
opposite.  The problem with developing a world is that you *are* god
and you know that, in this case anyway, god is a sham.  I feel
inadequate to rule a virtual world, and it undermines my own passion
for the world I am creating when I allow myself to embrace my own
role.  We are two years into the development of Magicosm and with
each release the world come more alive.  Yet everyday I walk the
world and cringe at each and every imperfection.  A tester might see
a pretty copse of trees with a beautiful setting sun behind it, but
I see how the imposters are not blending properly compared to the
closer 3d trees...  Someone casts a spell and admires the flowing
energy wrapping his hands, all I see is that the density of the
particles when his hands stop moving builds the brightness of the
colors beyond design limits.

For me, I am building an empty vessel to be filled by the online
community.  It will be dead until it breaths life into itself.  In
some ways the virtual world is a corpse of dead flesh which needs to
be animated by the spirits of living players before it realizes its
potential.  What drives me is the memory of my own online gaming
experiences before I realized the truth behind the shallow and
depressing leveling rat race time sucking souless monster of a world
I was in.  That moment of realization struck me in stark contrast
with the depth of feelings I had acquired for my online friends.  It
was then that I had a vision of building a world more derserving of
the citizenship of past and future friends.

Whenever I get tired, or worn out, I focus on the future inhabitants
of our world.  I craft with love for them, and hope that our final
vision will be worthy of them.

David Yazel

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