[MUD-Dev] Death of a game addict

Brandon J. Van Every vanevery at 3DProgrammer.com
Sat Apr 13 11:43:22 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

David Kennerly:

> I'm not skilled in suicides or statistics.  I'd like to hear a
> better opinion.

Rather than entertain the pseudo-intellectual pop psychology
sophistry of these journalists, we need a stronger industry lobby to
thwart these representations in the media and the government.
Computer types have this bad habit of thinking they don't have to
play politics.  They like sitting at terminals and often don't like
extroverted wars of public opinion.  Well, screw that!  We need to
be telling the world what to think before the world tells us what
we're allowed to think, based on some silly numbers that bolstered
some PhD's academic career.

Yep and my Dad defended Big Tobacco.  There's a need.

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80% is gobbledygook we make up inside our own heads.

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