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Tue Apr 16 12:46:58 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: Koster, Raph [mailto:rkoster at soe.sony.com]

> http://www.g4media.com
> This is a new launch of a cable TV channel that plans to be all
> about gaming. Most notable for this list, however, is that they
> are planning a show called "Portal," which is described as being
> solely about online worlds and massively multiplayer gaming. I
> don't know what they're planning on doing for episode five. :)

I suspect there are an awful lot more commerical MMOGs out there
than one realises, although the quality is probably suspect. I was
watching an awful UK satellite channel last night
(http://www.game-network.net) which seems to have its own MMOG
(http://www.legendofmir.net/) and show associated with it.  Here is
their description:

The Legend of Mir is a multiplayer online strategy game, in which
you can live your own really personal adventure around a magical,
constantly evolving world interacting with thousands of other
players you'll encounter during your quest. It is an amazing
persistent world game.
The game is played over a variety of maps and landscapes that are
constantly growing, but expect to see some of the early challenges
take place in Woomyon Woods, Bichon Province and Death
Valley. Characters in the game include Warriors, Wizards and Taoists
as well as several other non-playable characters. The game has an
array of monsters, weapons, and accessories that add to the game's
Game Network is featuring a weekly show presented by Carl who will
guide viewers through The Legend of Mir explaining the maps, events
and expanding on the characters within. He will also discuss the
role of the Game Master, someone who we will grow to love and hate.

During the programme, there will be competitions, as well as Carl
answering selected e-mails from registered players who need help or
just want to speak their mind. There will also be recorded footage
of your gameplay which will be broadcast on the programme.

So, if you're ready to enjoy the magical world of The Legend of Mir,
download the game for free and start playing it online, and don't
forget to follow each episode of The Legend of Mir show, on air
every day on Game Network.

>From what I could see, its sub Diablo, but it just goes to show that
several of these games are flying beneath our radar. In fact there
was a review of another one in PC-Gamer UK magazine this month of
yet another unfinished MMOG which featured only one character class
(psionics based) which was slightly crippled by psionincs being on
the 'to do list'. Regrettably, I've forgotten its name.

Anyway, having watched the game-network show on 'Legend of Mir', I
can honestly say its some of the worst television I've ever seen.


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