[MUD-Dev] [MLP] NPC Complexity

Koster Koster
Tue Apr 16 18:32:47 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: Eli Stevens

> Another random thought: Could these kinds of programs be used to
> simulate player behavior, and predict what players are going to
> do?  In most of the games out today, it would be kind of
> meaningless, as in EQ there really is only one thing to do - the
> level treadmill.

I mentioned this notion back during the Socialization Requires
Downtime debate... I think the way to look at it is that in fact,
EQ-style mechanics just makes it the simplest case to try to
solve. :)

I also wouldn't say it's meaningless. What it tells you is how to
improve your game. You can look at the data, see where imabalnces
are, identify traffic patterns, firgure out why your taverns aren't
used, etc--even if you don't have any players. That's potentially
pretty valuable.

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