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Koster Koster
Tue Apr 16 18:39:13 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: Daniel.Harman at barclayscapital.com
> From: Koster, Raph [mailto:rkoster at soe.sony.com]
>> http://www.g4media.com
>> This is a new launch of a cable TV channel that plans to be all
>> about gaming. Most notable for this list, however, is that they
>> are planning a show called "Portal," which is described as being
>> solely about online worlds and massively multiplayer gaming. I
>> don't know what they're planning on doing for episode five. :)
> I suspect there are an awful lot more commerical MMOGs out there
> than one realises, although the quality is probably suspect.[snip]

Actually, I track a heck of alot of these. There's some really
interesting stuff being done in Asia in particular, though some of
the ones in Europe are also interesting. Most of them tend to be
overhead isometric view, many of them are aiming for anime style or
comics style visuals, and by and large, they seem to be decent
though not outstanding.

The issue is, are they enough audience draw for a TV show, albeit
one on a fledgling cable channel with a niche audience? I mean, you
could get more viewers by talking about plane raids in EQ than you
could talking about Ragnarok Online or Ages of Athiria. I'd love it
if the show were more about the latter, but have my doubts...

> From what I could see, its sub Diablo, but it just goes to show
> that several of these games are flying beneath our radar. In fact
> there was a review of another one in PC-Gamer UK magazine this
> month of yet another unfinished MMOG which featured only one
> character class (psionics based) which was slightly crippled by
> psionincs being on the 'to do list'. Regrettably, I've forgotten
> its name.

Mimesis Online, I think. See, I do keep up. :)

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