[MUD-Dev] MUDs and societal transformations

Koster Koster
Wed Apr 17 19:26:53 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: Brandon J. Van Every

> Actually with that correction Patricia's statement says even less.
> It says we're not even paying attention to experienced MUD admins
> who didn't care to comment.  Rather, within the self-selecting
> group of a social consciousness roundtable, there's a "funny"
> division between socially minded MUD admins and their players.
> Gee, what's funny about that?  Nothing, it's what anyone would
> reasonably expect.  MUD admins wanna control player behavior and
> players don't wanna be controlled.  MUD admins wanna cut down
> their workload in various respects, players want various freedoms
> and services for their dollars.
> The question is, how many MUD *admins* buy into this social
> consciousness gloom and doom?

That doesn't say anything either. All the mud admins out there might
be just like Matt Mihaly. It doesn't mean they're right. (Sorry,

Of course the roundtable was self-selecting. There's selection
factors everywhere. Arguing over how many people espouse the idea
that mud admins should feel ethical responsibility when running
their muds doesn't say anything whatsoever about the validity of the
concept. No more than arguing over how many people believe the world
is flat versus round.

The issue of who was saying it gets at the credibility of the people
who hold that belief. Which boils down, in this case, to whether you
think they're naive idealists or socially concerned people. And your
answer to that probably has more to do with your worldview and
political stance than anything else.

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