[MUD-Dev] RE: Death of a game addict

Jon Lambert tychomud at ix.netcom.com
Thu Apr 18 00:49:11 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Luke Parrish wrote:
> From: "David Kennerly" <kallisti at tahoesnow.com> 
>> Suicide and addiction trouble every sympathetic reader.  I wish
>> journalism didn't exploit our soft spots.  It was a sad story.
>> Many of us know sad situations first hand, which have nothing to
>> do with MMORPGs.  Thank you, journalist, for exploiting our
>> hearts.
> So, the point you are making is that the journalist is doing the
> same thing by playing on our emotions as EverQuest is doing by
> creating an addictive game, and for the same reason: to maximize
> profit. You may want to bear in mind that, whilst the journalist
> isn't any better than the MMORPG makers (from a moral standpoint),
> it also isn't any worse and if you want to gripe about the one,
> the same gripe applies to the other.

I know attorney Jack Thompson as I've worked with him on a political
committee back in 1998.  He knows very well how to play an issue for
a lot of mileage in the press.  So I wouldn't be too hard on the
poor journalist.  ;-)

I sent him an e-mail asking about this but it bounced so I guess
he's changed accounts.

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