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> At 06:39 PM 16/04/02 -0700, Koster, Raph wrote:
>> From: Daniel.Harman at barclayscapital.com

>>> From what I could see, its sub Diablo, but it just goes to show
>>> that several of these games are flying beneath our radar. In
>>> fact there was a review of another one in PC-Gamer UK magazine
>>> this month of yet another unfinished MMOG which featured only
>>> one character class (psionics based) which was slightly crippled
>>> by psionincs being on the 'to do list'. Regrettably, I've
>>> forgotten its name.

>> Mimesis Online, I think. See, I do keep up. :)

> Just as a point of information, my recollection of Mimesis Online
> is that it doesn't have classes.  As of a week or two ago, I
> believe there were two races, with at least one other planned.
> One of the two, the alien Hirudon, was at a substantial
> disadvantage because it is oriented toward psionic skills that
> were not yet in the game at that time.

Jonric is right about Mimesis. They were going for three races, but
as far as I know only two fit into the game till now.  And the
alienoid race isn't that much fun to play since the game is still
not completely finished IMO.  Today they are offering lifetime
access to Mimesis Online servers for 9.95 USD, and all previous
subscribers have been upgraded to lifetime subscribers, too.


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