[MUD-Dev] Client platforms for rapid development of experimental worlds

Zach Collins {Siege} zcollins at seidata.com
Fri Apr 19 02:25:11 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

On 18 Apr 2002, Ola Fosheim [iso-8859-1] Gr=F8stad wrote:

> Computers are now quite fast and hardware graphics acceleration is
> pretty much standard. What viable platforms are out there for
> graphical client development?

> Some technology platform requirements:

>   A. provide reasonable customization through a programming language
>   B. reasonable access to networking streams

Python (http://www.python.org/), C, Tcl/Tk, Perl (I think it does
networking, I could be wrong), Java, and many more

>   C. easy to implement chat interface
>   D. reasonably fast rendering engine / graphics interface

SDL and the Pygame modules (http://www.pygame.org/), Tcl/Tk, C,

>   E. architecture which promotes evolutionary development
>   F. sound playing capabilities

Python with Pygame, C (again), Java, Tcl/Tk...

>   G. desirable: no proprietary installation requirements
>   H. desirable: portability

Quote from Pygame.org:

   The package is highly portable, with games running on Windows, NT4,
   MacOS, OSX, BeOS, FreeBSD, IRIX, and Linux.

Quote from libSDL.org:

   Simple DirectMedia Layer supports Linux, Win32, BeOS, MacOS,
   Solaris, IRIX, and FreeBSD.

   SDL is written in C, but works with C++ natively, and has
   bindings to several other languages, including Ada, Eiffel, ML,
   Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby.

> Given these requirements, what are my options? Hopefully somebody
> on the list have some suggestions or answers to my questions. I am
> so far aware of these options:

[list collapsed]

> 1. VRML
> 2. multi-user clients
> 3. DOMs and javascript
> 4. DOMs and java
> 5. Pure java

I notice that in your description of all these options, you assume
that all interaction will take place through a standard web browser
using specialized plugins.  Perhaps you should add that to your
requirements, then, which removes (for the forseeable future) the
ability to use some of your possible choices, such as Python.

Zach Collins (Siege)

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