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Fri Apr 19 09:12:25 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: Richard Aihoshi aka Jonric [mailto:jonric at vaultnetwork.com]
> At 06:39 PM 16/04/02 -0700, Koster, Raph wrote:

>> Mimesis Online, I think. See, I do keep up. :)
> Just as a point of information, my recollection of Mimesis Online
> is that it doesn't have classes.  As of a week or two ago, I
> believe there were two races, with at least one other planned.
> One of the two, the alien Hirudon, was at a substantial
> disadvantage because it is oriented toward psionic skills that
> were not yet in the game at that time.

Well according to the review, they had to drop one of the two races
before release leaving only the psionic ones. /shrug in the end its
not that important.

I don't know whether I sympathise that they obviously ran out of
funds, or dislike them for trying to foist something so far from
completion on the public. Oh well, I suspect it won't do them any

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