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shren shren at io.com
Sat Apr 20 08:31:58 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

On Fri, 19 Apr 2002, Sean Kelly wrote:
> From: "shren" <shren at io.com>
>> I've always wondered what would happen if monsters spawned out of
>> other monsters and wandered in packs from there instead of
>> spawning in a specific site.  Every time you kill an orc, an orc
>> pops out of another orc.  Even if you started off with the orcs
>> evenly distributed across the world, after a period of play
>> they'd be compressed out of regular player areas.
> Popped out of another orc somewhere else in the world?  Seems
> reasonable.  Though with the incredible monster turnover in most
> games, you would end up with tremendous orc populations in less
> traveled parts of the world.  It would likely take some careful
> tuning :).

You'd have to make them migrate pretty fast.  *grin*

>> Something interesting about this is that it *should* make the mud
>> get harder for the players automatically over time.  If you start
>> with thousand square miles of virtual space and one orc per
>> square mile, and the players drive the orcs out of half of the
>> world, then the rest of the world is two orcs per square mile.
>> The tighter you compress them, the more orcs there are in any one
>> place.  You'd probably have the world stabilize with all of the
>> orcs in one "mount doom" sort of area.

> The idea in most P&P RPGs it to keep the difficulty pretty
> consistent, regardless of player level.  If all the players were
> extremely powerful, a mount-doom scenario would not be
> insurmountable.

Actually, I sort of get tired of the player mentality of, "If I can
find it, I can kill it!"  I wouldn't mind seeing at least one or two
muds where things wern't hammered out into "difficulty levels".
(IE, 1st level characters go here, second levels go here, etc...)



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