[MUD-Dev] Dilemmas in a (game) designer's life ?

shren shren at io.com
Sat Apr 20 08:48:44 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

On 17 Apr 2002, Sasha Hart wrote:
> [Chris Jacobson]
>> It doesn't matter if it's the best thing since sliced bread, if
>> nobody can buy the thing.  Rewrite what you have to, but only
>> what you must, unless you have spare time.  Finish your product,
>> ship it, and move on.  Apply what you learned to your next
>> project.
> On the other hand, you have the option of wearing the 'researcher'
> hat. This gives you a real, legitimate justification for producing
> almost nothing (except learning a lot). Remember, there are people
> who do research full time, including in engineering. MUD design
> seems hardly as nailed down even as engineering - although usually
> the orientation of a designer IS generating a product.  In
> research, your product is what you learn and communicate.

I could see this.  I've done a little of this - written a lot of
stuff, some (somewhat) mud-related, that never sees the outside
world.  If you're going to do a *lot* of this, though, I'd make sure
to team up with an existing team or publish what you've done.



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