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Sean Kelly sean at ffwd.cx
Sun Apr 21 10:58:46 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: "shren" <shren at io.com>
> On Fri, 19 Apr 2002, Sean Kelly wrote:
>> From: "shren" <shren at io.com>

>> The idea in most P&P RPGs it to keep the difficulty pretty
>> consistent, regardless of player level.  If all the players were
>> extremely powerful, a mount-doom scenario would not be
>> insurmountable.

> Actually, I sort of get tired of the player mentality of, "If I
> can find it, I can kill it!"  I wouldn't mind seeing at least one
> or two muds where things wern't hammered out into "difficulty
> levels".  (IE, 1st level characters go here, second levels go
> here, etc...)

I think the only reason MUDs tend to do this is to reduce player
complaints.  But I also don't like this approach.  Thing is, even
without marking anything, word will get around quickly enough
anyway.  The only people to mistakenly die horribly will be the

Actually, this reminds me of something that happened to me back when
I was playing AC.  My character was never very powerful and I spent
all my time exploring.  So one day right after an event popped I
came across a new dungeon.  I went inside to check it out and was
instantly hit by about 50 high-level debuffing spells (turned out it
was one of the Vaults).  Luckily, there was an area in the entrance
where I was safe from the denizens inside.  Since there was no exit
portal, I was trapped in there.  I ended up getting in touch with
one of the high-level players in IRC and telling him about the
dungeon so he could come get me out.  But after making the trip he
wanted to explore a bit first.  It's a miracle I never died.  And it
was also one of the most memorable experiences on my time playing
AC.  So speaking as a player, I don't like the idea of
level-limiting or posting the difficulty of areas.  Risk is one of
the things that makes games exciting.  Even if the risk is
tantamount to suicide :)


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