[MUD-Dev] [MLP] NPC Complexity

Sean Kelly sean at ffwd.cx
Sun Apr 21 13:10:46 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: "Kwon Ekstrom" <justice at softhome.net>

> About a year and a half ago there was a thread about AI where
> someone came up with the idea of Layered AI... which I took and
> solidified.  The discussion about it seemed highly theoretical and
> too complex... and tried to make it do things better suited to a
> standard practices.

> Anyway, each creature in the game would maintain a list of
> personal AI's, this is for the most part empty.  When events get
> passed to the Creature, it passes them to the AI object first.  If
> the Creature doesn't have any personal AI's, it passes it up to
> the next layer, the Racial AI.

So do individuals learn?  I had been thinking about knowledge
graphs, where what every NPC knew was represented by (probably)
trees of concepts.  Then when NPCs talked, subtrees could be
transferred between them, depending on the topic and length of
conversation, with more details transferred as the conversation
progressed.  Kind of like social genetic programs.

> The major problem I find with this is that not only a specific
> type of NPC will get concentrated into that area, a likely result
> will be a mud barren of mobs where all of the mobs reside in some
> rarely visited part of the world.  That's why a drive to expand
> will become necessary.  Give an optimum density before mobs get
> agitated and try to find a more suitable home.

If you integrated a basic ecology model.  MOBs could be forced to
move on as population density increased beyond the means of the
local environment to sustain it.


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