[MUD-Dev] Japanese wireless MUD

Peter Tyson ptyson at datamonitor.com
Mon Apr 22 15:46:09 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

I know there's been discussion on the topic of a wireless mud before
so I thought it would be worth mentioning this one my research has
dug up recently:


    "In Samurai Romanesque, you live as a samurai in a game world of
    the Era of Warlords, sharing information with other players in
    town and equipping yourself with various tools.  You can also
    learn the art of sword fighting, and try your sword skills at
    practice and actual battles.

    You can train your samurai character in sword fighting without
    communicating with the server by using the data stored in the
    portable terminal.  Or you may want to connect to the server to
    do real-time battle with other players.  Game deployments made
    possible by the i-appli technology are strategically
    incorporated." - Dwango press release

Pretty interesting really, and good to see others are exploiting the
opportunity as well. If only the European operators would get off
their backsides and provide decent technology/billing/marketing to
wireless games!  Grr. :) At least it's getting much better in the
US. I expect we'll see games like that in the US within the next
12-18 months.

Peter Tyson
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