[MUD-Dev] TECH: Concurrent Process Based Mud (Somewhat Long)

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Wed Apr 24 10:53:36 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: "Eric Merritt" <cyberlync at yahoo.com>

> Now, granted, realistically I could only support about
> 8,000-10,000 seriously working concurrent processes on any single
> node, but this really shouldn't cause a major problem, if I need
> more processes I may always add nodes.

Depending on your node, you may want to limit it to 20 processes.
Context switches are expensive (relatively) and with that many
threads/processes active you're going to bog rather quickly.
Hyperthreading may help you a little bit, but it's still got shared
busess/caches.  Moving to a clustered system using LVM or something
may alleviate some of this since processes are distrubuted over the
nodes in the cluster.  Running true-dual or Xeon quads will help as

If you want to support 8-10k active processes, I hope you've got
some serious cash to toss around.  *grin*



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