[MUD-Dev] [MLP] The use of ecology models (was: NPC Complexity)

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Thu Apr 25 08:26:59 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

At 11:20 PM 4/24/02 -0700, shren <shren at io.com> wrote:

> One of my thoughts on this matter is to make micro-worlds that
> have shorter durations, fixed player bases, and fixed goals, and
> the micro-worlds close when the goals have been met.  So you get
> together a hundred people, enter a small world, and spend about a
> year saving it, making steady progress as you go.  When all of the
> goals have been met, the evils defeated, and peace achieved, the
> world respawns like a mud respawn, back at the
> beginning. Repetitive, but there's a feeling of progress, and I
> seldom stick to a game for longer than a year anyway.

Check out A Tale in the Desert (http://www.ataleinthedesert.com/) -
there will be about a year-long plotline, assuming steady
player-progress.  It's in "open beta" right now (actually, still
very early in the development cycle, features are added every
session, and sessions are irregular at best).  I've enjoyed the
creation aspect of the game more than the social aspect.  This game
gives you a definite sense of world-control, as you can manipulate
your environment, building workshops and other buildings, planting
farms, even raising huge monuments to your own achievements...  It's
visually stunning as well, I remember how my jaw dropped the first
time I enabled the grass...  Anyway, this is a nice game that almost
exactly matches your definition.

Talies the Wanderer

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