[MUD-Dev] Codename Blue & Facets - Nick Yee's new studies

shren shren at io.com
Thu Apr 25 09:48:07 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

On Wed, 24 Apr 2002, Koster, Raph wrote:

> - The "Explorer" Bartle's type does not appear to exist.

>   Yee used an extended questionnaire, and used factor analysis to
>   find high degrees of correlation. The five primary motivations
>   (not "player types" since a given player can of course have more
>   than one motivation) were:

>       Relationship (eg, building and maintaining them) Immersion
>       (eg, becoming immersed in a fictional construct) Grief (eg,
>       desire to advance one's own agenda, even at the expense of
>       others) Achievement (eg, desire to become powerful within
>       the virtual context) Leadership (eg gregariousness or
>       assertiveness of the player)

>   Socializer, Killer, and Achiever seem well represented. Those
>   who have argued that Roleplayer is a distinct motivation appear
>   to have been proven correct. Leadership can almost be termed
>   "Cooperation" because it's a central factor.

>   And Explorer, even when he "tilted" possible questions towards
>   looking for it, failed to materialize as a common factor. This
>   may account for the disproportionately high amount of Explorers
>   we see in surveys such as the Bartle Quotient
>   (http://www.andreasen.org/bartle), which runs contrary to
>   Richard's own expectation.

Wouldn't explorers have a limited time in any one game?  If someone
truly was an explorer, out to explore the unique aspect of each
game, wouldn't they have quit playing both UO and EQ a *long* time
ago?  Has the online game been built that would keep an explorer for

What I'm getting at : Was the survey of current players, or anyone
who has ever played?  I have trouble seeing how you could even do
the latter.



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