[MUD-Dev] Player Accounts on a Non-Commercial MUD

John Bertoglio jb at co-laboratory.com
Thu Apr 25 18:44:12 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: "Tand'a-ur"
> I also didnt mention a few things.
>   1. the mud license prevents me from accepting money, hense the
>   non-commercial and why i wouldnt accept money for account
>   points.

What are the specific terms of your license, no money, or no profit?

If it is no profit, you have the potential to require a person make
a $XX payment/donation to you for becoming a citizen of your world
(which includes all priviliges). You then turn around and donate the
money (less direct costs like credit card fees/discounts) to a
recognized charity. You could even allow them to select their
charity when they transfer the funds.

Anyone who went to the trouble of using multiple (valid) credit
cards and billing addresses and, therefore, made multiple charitable
donations, has earned the right (in my opinion) to multiplay, at
least until they get caught.

>   2. you can play the game without an account. You are slightly
>   restricted in game in only a few aspects if you do not have an
>   account.  The point would be to make it an advantage to have an
>   account for many reasons, including keeping track of players /
>   multiplaying.

Clearly, even in a free game, there is the notion of value given for
value received. A player without an account should be very
restricted in terms of what they can aspire to within the world.  A
player with an unsecured account should receive additional benefits
and a citizen should have the run of the place.

John A. Bertoglio
jb at co-laboratory.com

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