[MUD-Dev] Codename Blue & Facets - Nick Yee's new studies

Brad McQuaid bmcquaid at cox.net
Fri Apr 26 00:10:11 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Dave Rickey said:

> Also, the first few months of an online game's existence tend to
> be atypical in a variety of ways, EQ had a much lower retention
> rate in it's first six months than it has now, and UO's was less
> than 50% for the equivalent period, from what I have been told
> (Camelot's is much higher).

Apologies for nitpicking (I agree with many of your observations),
but EQ began with a VERY high retention rate and held on to a very
high rate for a very long period of time.  Perhaps not appropriate
for me to post details now, but I'm sure numbers could be dug up
from posts when I worked at SOE/Verant from back then -- we were
very open about numbers at that time.

That said, I agree, the first few months of an MMOG's existence are
atypical in other ways... probably mostly the first three months or
so, as product is being dispersed, and as service issues are being
resolved and streamlined.  Six months, however, is getting pretty
close to a long enough period of time to start studying statistics,
so I don't think, IMHO, that that necessarily invalidates the DAoC
data to any significant extent.


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