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Kwon Ekstrom justice at softhome.net
Fri Apr 26 09:09:11 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: "Talies the Wanderer" <snicker at pinkpig.com>
> "Justin Coleman" <JMCOLE at main.djj.state.sc.us> wrote:

> wound (apologies for the mangled code - I cut up some ROM-based code
> my roommate works on for this:)

>   if (dam == 0)        { vs = "miss";       vp = "misses";          }
>   else if (dam <=   4) { vs = "scratch";    vp = "scratches";       }
>   else if (dam <=   8) { vs = "graze";      vp = "grazes";          }
>   else if (dam <=  12) { vs = "hit";        vp = "hits";            }

> Now, add a little "randomness" to it.  rhit is a random number
> from 1 to 3, generated for each separate attack.

>   if (dam == 0)
>     { vs = "miss"; vp = "misses";              }
>   else if ( dam <=   4 ) and ( rhit  = 1 )
>     { vs = "scratch";  vp = "scratches";       }


There is a similar table in smaug, and when I was first learning to
code I wrote a simple equation to generate the percent of remaining
hp that a hit took.  Which (unless you're seriously losing the
battle) started you off on the low end messages, and moved up to the
high end messages by the end of the battle.

This provided a relational way to view messages, and players could
get a feel for how badly injured they were based on these messages.
In a sence it also add realism... you don't get MUTILATED!!! without
it actually hurting.

Of course, in a SMAUG this system gave more information in a sence
than the standard DIKU based one.  You could add a randomness factor
by adjusting your percentage before passing it to the table.

I personally dislike hiding information from the players (being a
power gamer myself), and find that system complexity is a better
route to go.  My powergaming is a direct result of starting my
mudding career as an explorer.  I like the idea of making the game
skills based.

-- Kwon J. Ekstrom

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