[MUD-Dev] Player Accounts on a Non-Commercial MUD

John Buehler johnbue at msn.com
Fri Apr 26 09:37:48 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

John Bertoglio writes:
> From: "Tand'a-ur"
>> I also didnt mention a few things.

>>   1. the mud license prevents me from accepting money, hense the
>>   non-commercial and why i wouldnt accept money for account
>>   points.

> What are the specific terms of your license, no money, or no
> profit?

> If it is no profit, you have the potential to require a person
> make a $XX payment/donation to you for becoming a citizen of your
> world (which includes all priviliges). You then turn around and
> donate the money (less direct costs like credit card
> fees/discounts) to a recognized charity. You could even allow them
> to select their charity when they transfer the funds.

Interesting notion.  By declaring the specific charity that you
would be donating their payment to, you'd attract a somewhat more
focused group of players.  Personally, the idea of acting as a
middleman to give to a charity whose agenda I disagreed with would
cause me some serious ethical problems.


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