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Sasha Hart Sasha.Hart at directory.reed.edu
Fri Apr 26 23:42:20 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

[Brandon Van Every]

> So, rather than just tell the player about this backstory, I'm
> toying with them *playing* the backstory.  They'll take 10 seconds
> to touchdown a "lunar lander" somewhere on the planet.  Then they
> get on with whatever their actual faction/character is supposed to
> be doing, i.e. they're not the Russians.  You could call it play,
> you could call it configuration.

This is done in at least a couple video games that I've played.  The
one I can remember off the top of my head is Final Fantasy 8 -
portions of which are played as a character in the past. I actually
liked these portions better than the majority of the game, found
them much more effective. In short, it's a great idea and can be
very effective if your goal is to reveal a narrative without lapsing
into 30 min. of cinematics.
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