[MUD-Dev] [MLP] The use of ecology models (was: NPC Complexity)

David Kennerly kallisti at tahoesnow.com
Sat Apr 27 16:42:47 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Raph Koster wrote:
> From: Damion Schubert

>> Free idea for someone: I've always wanted to do a spawning system
>> where the spawn was controlled by 'monster generators' a la
>> Gauntlet.

> We are doing this in Star Wars Galaxies.

Another example, albeit more humble, is Nexus: The Kingdom of the
Winds <http://www.nexustk.com>.  In 1998 I scripted a few kinds of
creature generators.  Two examples were encampments of invaders,
Khan and Sonhi tribes.  The encampments resembled the monster
generator in Gauntlet.  The world generated tents.  Each tent
generated invading soldiers of various types.  Powerful tents were
likely to generate more powerful soldiers.

A different kind of generator was the invasion commander.  I
scripted Ilbon Pirate Captain and a Dark Child who kept having lots
of children.  For the Dark Child and the Ilbon Pirate Captain, they
were not just local spawners.  Each commander spawned decentralized
invasions.  Destroying the commander ended reinforcements.

Each of these enlivened storylines and role-playing events going on
at the time.  For example, the Ilbon Pirate Raid had a storyline
inspired by paintings in Pusan of the Japanese invasions of Korea in
1500s, the setting of the Kingdom of the Winds.  Later I scripted
the generator in Dark Ages <http://www.darkages.com> in 1999 for a
couple events; one was for "The Eulogy," an annual in-character
religious ceremony--with Lovecraftian twists.


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