[MUD-Dev] Codename Blue & Facets - Nick Yee's new studies

Dave Rickey daver at mythicentertainment.com
Sun Apr 28 00:20:25 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: "John Buehler" <johnbue at msn.com>
> Dave Rickey writes:
>> From: John Buehler <johnbue at msn.com>
>>> Raph Koster writes:

>>>> - The "Explorer" Bartle's type does not appear to exist.

>>> I would say that the explorer type doesn't have material to
>>> entertain it in the three games mentioned.

>> You can say that, but then you'd have to reconcile it with this
>> page:

>>   http://www.andreasen.org/bartle/stats.cgi

> Please excuse me for being thick, but if I polled the players in
> Dark Age of Camelot about whether they were politically liberal
> and conservative and found that it was a 30/70 split,
> respectively, does that mean that Dark Age of Camelot is about
> liberal politics?

> In other words, I'm not sure of your point.  You seem to be
> suggesting that because explorers play the games that the games
> must be catering to exploration.

No, your statement was equivalent to saying "No explorers were found
because none play those games".  That doesn't fit with the data from
the Bartle Test.  Therefore, you'd be stating that the Bartle Test
is detecting Explorers that don't exist. Which is the same statement
Raph made.


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