[MUD-Dev] Client platforms for rapid development of experimental worlds

Bruce Mitchener bruce at cubik.org
Mon Apr 29 23:23:44 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Hey Ola,

Ola Fosheim Grøstad wrote:

> Computers are now quite fast and hardware graphics acceleration is
> pretty much standard. What viable platforms are out there for
> graphical client development?

Did you end up coming to any conclusions on this (with or without
using the input from the list)?

While I'd mentioned TWin (http://tchat.research.att.com/) in my
email previously, I'm not sure that I'd suggest it as strongly
today. Comparing the size and activity (and visibility) of the
community working with it, as compared to something like Mozilla,
Mozilla wins in a lot of ways.  XUL and JavaScript combine to give
you much of the UI widget power (and far more) than TWin and other
systems that I'd mentioned.  One thing that is lost is the easy
multiuser support that is an integral part of TWin.

I've been doing more and more with just HTML+DOM+JS+ActiveX for a
work project, and the amount of power that is available is really
quite impressive.  Coupled with a more capable rendering engine and
set of technologies like Mozilla (XUL, XBL, SVG).  One thing that
remains missing is a nice supported protocol (like MCP) to glue the
server to the Mozilla client.  Maybe one day BEEP
(http://www.beepcore.org/) will fill that role or something else
will come along.

Regardless, I'm interested in hearing what sorts of systems you are
wanting to develop, where you're headed with them, and what sort of
tools you're looking at.


  - Bruce

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