Powergaming (was RE: [MUD-Dev] How much is enough?)

Jeff Cole jeff.cole at mindspring.com
Tue Apr 30 07:27:41 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: Miroslav Silovic
> Ron Gabbard wrote:

>> [T]he target audience you are trying to frustrate with this
>> mechanism is the powergamer... and they will not be denied!

> Actually, this only goes to prove that powergaming prevention is a
> systemic issue ...

It seems to me that the issue (is it really a problem?) inheres in
the player rather than the system.

The best system aspires to minimize the reward powergamer realizes
vis-a-vis the rest of the playerbase.  Passively, rather than
actively trying to penalize the playstyle.  But doesn't that really
just suggest a well-balanced game in general?

Too much focus on frustrating the powergamer wastes valuable
resources and, more importantly, risk a negative impact upon the
gameplay of the general population.

Perhaps general game balance is what you contemplate, but I infer a
more active approach to prevention.

Yrs Affcty,
Jeff Cole

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