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Tue Apr 30 09:37:51 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: Miroslav Silovic [mailto:miro at vams.com]
> Ron Gabbard wrote:
>> Hehe, I like the 'range' idea a lot.  However, the target
>> audience you are trying to frustrate with this mechanism is the
>> powergamer... and they will not be denied!  How long do you think
>> it would be before people took a bag full of 'very good' weapons
>> out to the field and started running tests and posting the
>> results to the fan sites?  Quantitative values for items would
>> probably be well-known and posted before the game went Gold
>> (assuming no conflict with the non-disclosure).  This increases
>> the 'power' gulf between the powergamer that dissects the fan
>> sites and the casual gamer whose primary experience is in-game.

> Actually, this only goes to prove that powergaming prevention is a
> systemic issue, not just a matter of isolated 'don't give 'em
> numbers' hacks.
> What you just described could be easily prevented if battles are
> non-reproducible.  For instance:

You can do whatever you want to thwart me, just realise that if you
are successful I won't play your game. You aren't going to somehow
retrain me.  Hell I power game life, if by power gaming you mean
voraciously pursuing knowledge and analysing what interests me. I
suggest the best tactic might be to remove anything worth analysing
from your game.

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