[MUD-Dev] Developing A Web Generator

John A. Bertoglio jb at co-laboratory.com
Tue Apr 30 23:32:26 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: "Kyndig" 

> The new area is for builders to develop areas, mob, and
> npc's. Standard generators such as figlet, name generators, random
> dungeon,town, quest, etc.. will be made available as well to
> assist the builders in fully developing their project areas.
> It all looks good on paper [ 20+ hand written pages scattered
> across my bookshelf], but a problem I am having is determining how
> to best cater to the many different area formats. This is more of
> a 'how would you' question. When it comes to text game areas, a
> majority of the servers utilise their own bit system or other
> unique identifiers to store specific details for their area. They
> use data storage devices such as flat text files, backend
> databases and xml (I consider this a flat-text storage device as
> well).

A suggestion: Build a rich data format using XML as a transport
mechanism. If the various utilities are useful, it will be easy to
build a translator to various area formats used by
administrator/programmer of the various flavors of MUD. If you
wrapper the code so it can be called using SOAP, a world could link
to your programs to produce real-time content. This would be
particually useful to those of us who are building XML capabilities
into their system. (Raise your hand if you are using a
multi-dimentional database capable of handling XML in its native

Good luck on your project.

John Bertoglio
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