[MUD-Dev] Codename Blue & Facets - Nick Yee's new studies

Freeman Freeman
Wed May 1 08:21:48 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Madrona Tree wrote:

> Actually, this is the question I was referring to:
> Quote from http://www.nickyee.com/codeblue/demographics.html
>   "Number of Accounts Out of about every 3 UO players, 1 has 2
>   accounts. Out of about every 4 EQ players, 1 has 2 accounts, Out
>   of about every 10 DAOC players, 1 has 2 accounts. All 3 are
>   significantly different from each other at p<.001."
> I took the question to mean multiple accounts on the same game, so
> that you have a Cleric who /follows your Warrior around to
> heal/rez him, or your druid who teleports your "Main Guy" around
> so you don't have to beg for ports... playing these accounts
> simultaneously (though I suppose not necessarily simultaneously),
> on 2 computers.
> I know a few people who have multiple accounts, but not
> many... certainly not as many as the study suggests.

I think you interpreted the question correctly.  It correlates with
the age of the game.

Sometimes (and frequently, at high-levels in EQ, or when there's a
big hard-to-place house involved in UO), when people quit, they
don't cancel their accounts: They turn it over to a friend who is
still playing.  In UO they do it because of the per-account limit on
houses.  In EQ they do it because of the required time-investment to
get a cleric up to rez-ability, or druid up to port-levels.  Similar
reason for DAOC, but the game isn't nearly as old.  Fewer people
have quit yet, fewer of those that did quit had such a significant
investment in their accounts that there was much pressure to hand
over the account rather than just cancelling it.

So, the older the game, the more people there are with multiple
accounts.  Seemed very common in EQ to me for retiring clerics
(especially) to hand the keys to their account over to the guild, so
they could quit the game without hurting their old friends, who
still need a cleric in the guild.
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