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Wed May 1 09:17:40 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: "Kyndig" <kyndig at kyndig.com>

> The areas [or specific rooms, mobs, objects, spells,..] which are
> stored in the database can then be downloaded by other community
> members for their own specific game server format. [ You can build
> an area for an XX based mudserver, someone else can choose to
> download it as a YY based area format ].
> To be sucessful, there needs to be flexibility in the cgi for all
> derivitive game servers. Would the best method of handling be the
> request of a 'standard upload template' in order to determine that
> games layout.

The BEST way?

Define a "common format" in XML.  Write up some XSLT sheets for the
various storage formats.

  Where A is a format.
  Where B is a separate format.
  Where C is your common XML format.

Wanna get A to B?  Go through C.

This kinda thing is exactly what XML/XSL was designed for.

Party on!

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