[MUD-Dev] Codename Blue & Facets - Nick Yee's new studies

Clay clayf at bu.edu
Wed May 1 09:25:52 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

[Dave Rickey]

> But the Bartle Test seems to detect many of them, in the very same
> games that Yee failed to find them in.  Either Yee's methodology
> is mistaken, or that of the Bartle Test.  Your explanation was
> that Yee didn't find them because they weren't there, not being
> attracted to those games, but that doesn't account for why the
> Bartle Test seemed to find them in the same population.

One thing I noticed was that the questions for the two different
surveys were generally posed rather differently: the Bartle Test
uses things like "What's more important to you?" and "would you
rather...?", while Nick Yee's survey is oriented along more
pragmatic lines like "I find myself..." and "I usually...."

In short, I think the surveys are asking different questions, even
where their content appears to overlap.  The Bartle Test tends to
ask about abstracted preferences and desires, while the Yee survey
tends to ask about what actually happens in-game.  (Of course I'm
speaking rather roughly here, since each survey has a little bit of
both, but on the whole I think the emphasis I have noted is there)

In which case John Buehler offers a plausible interpretation: the
explorers are there, they just aren't doing a lot of exploring,
quite possibly because the three games surveyed don't encourage it
very much.

-- Clay Fenlason

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