[MUD-dev] Fun in Games

Ron Gabbard rgabbard at swbell.net
Thu May 2 00:35:53 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: <Daniel.Harman at barclayscapital.com>

> Well in the context of a game, its easy to rationalise it. What
> the player would be doing isn't real. Of course you'd have to make
> it fun, for the player to even bother rationalising - this is no
> different to running people over for money in GTA3. How does that
> further the art, appart from perhaps further de-sensitising
> people?

The concept of getting players emotionally tied to NPC's is kinda
scary even if it is possible.  Role-playing is fun and when you run
into a good role-player it's time to just drink it in because their
few and far between.  However, some player that was truly 'in love'
with some elf princess or truly 'hated' some ogre guard would be
extremely scary to me... unless someone has been able to implement
Al in their MUD.



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