[MUD-Dev] Skotos Cellular Automata Simulation System - a Technical Summary (LONG)

Christopher Allen ChristopherA at skotos.net
Mon May 6 23:08:56 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

"Sasha Hart" <Sasha.Hart at directory.reed.edu>:

> This is GREAT!

Thanks. It is nice to get feedback from these documents. They really
do start as internal documents, so it is hard to pry them out and
clean them enough for other developers to see.

> Do you have anything informal you may report (e.g. about
> performance or the applications of the technique)?

As to performance of application, so far that has not been an
issue. Most of the CA are intially going to be used to track
things. We have created a number of 30x30 CA's for the future
"Devil's Cay" that keep track of things like how often rooms are
entered, what are the most recent directions that people left, what
rooms have the most 'action' as opposed to 'evocation' etc. All of
these have a simple diffusion iteration that only need to do a
generation ever minutes.

As for application of technique, what we have so far more just
display information in interesting ways. The next step is to hook
this information into CNPC actions.

> Do you have any cool game logs to show off?

Not yet, not until we hook it into CNPCs. Devil's Cay is currently
on a fall lauch schedule.

> Can I have one too? ;)

You are welcome to use the ideas, that is why i posted them here. A
common XML format for them would be useful.

I'd love to include some of your comments in our next version. May

-- Christopher Allen

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