[MUD-Dev] Blacksnow revisted

Damion Schubert damion at ninjaneering.com
Tue May 7 13:35:25 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

>From Matt Mihaly
> Well, in the US at least, this would be a bit of a
> nightmare. Selling shares in a company requires spinning off your
> game into a separate company, registering with the SEC, and then
> abiding by the -numerous- rules regarding stock transactions. I'm
> also not sure how owning stock in the company that made the game
> would have much effect on the gameplay itself. I mean, you can
> already go buy shares of Sony, or EA, though granted, that's
> buying a whole bundle of things, not just a single game.

I can't imagine that Project Entropia hasn't been discussed to death
here in my absence, but they seem really intent on trying to make a
game/world where in-game dollars translate into real- world cash,
and with a stock exchange in the game.

Given the problems my prior companies had just getting $10 bucks a
month charged to a credit card reliably, this scares the bejeezus
out of me, but it ought to be interesting to watch.



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