[MUD-Dev] Introduction and My solution to Powergamers, Treadmills, and Content Devaluation.

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Tue May 7 17:26:42 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: "Ken Raisor" <kenraisor at earthlink.net>

>   Should your new character, or your allies, not be able to get
>   through the defenses of this keep, then your dead character is
>   un-rezz-able, effectively in Final Death.
>   At least that is until you and your allies are stronger than
>   your PC Opponents.
>   Very few of the PvP players will be able to get rezzed easy. But
>   those Socially inclined PVP players that are attached to large
>   cities or organizations have a better chance of getting rezzed
>   than a smaller group of Thugs will.

There are large groups of PvP oriented players. (Check out the old
UO guilds for a good example.)  Once you level your "kin" past a
certain point, you lose the desire for your original character.
Statuettes mean nothing then.  Perhaps decaying statuettes.

However, IMHO, the perma-death fate of your character should not be
100% entirely in the hands of another.  An old PvP MUD I used to
play on had corpses.  Same effect as your statuette.  After 5 mins
it decayed, dropping all of your gear onto the ground for anyone to
pick up.  Players and monsters could guard the corpses.  If the
corpse decayed, you could still kill all of the wandering monsters
and retrieve bits and pieces of your gear...or if you're lucky, you
just run back to where you died and "get all."  /consent XX would
allow XX player to pick up your entire corpse.

However, there arose a contingent of players who specialized in
"rkilling" people.  In PvP, you lost nothing.  Back to the Tavern
with all your gear.  You die to the environment, you risk losing
your corpse.  Pkilling = killed by a player, rkilling = manipulating
the environment to kill a player.

This kept PvP high as you risked nothing and kept it "light."
However, the threat of dying to the "world" was there.  Once you
died to the world, you had to recover it before it decayed.
Sometimes you'd be "corpse camped" (new EQ term, we called it
"defending"), and lose all of your gear.

It valued PvP as something "fun" to do, not something that will set
you back.  It valued teamwork, both in defending corpses but also in
recoving them.  It removed items, daily, from the world.  Kept the
market "fresh."

Party on!

-Szii Uln'hyrr

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