[MUD-Dev] Apple WWDC?

Nathan F. Yospe yospe at kanga.nu
Tue May 7 20:09:08 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

amanda at alfar.com said:

> If anyone else is planning to be at the Apple Worldwide Developer
> Conference in San Jose next week, it might be fun to get together
> at a lunch table to something.  I know that a bunch of the names
> I've seen going by at least used to be Mac geeks :), so ...

Any chance we could get a (post WWDC) perspective on the relevant
questions about the mac in muds?  In particular:

  1) As a client platform, do you see the mac player base as a good
  market to extend into for MMPOGs?  Currently, the MMPOG trend has
  been, unlike the rest of the industry, to simply ignore macs as a
  target platform.  Later is generally better than never, and there
  is a good case for long-term playability with MMPOGs, so this has
  struck me as odd.

  2) As a client platform, do you think the loss of sprockets has a
  serious negative impact on the mac as a platform?  (Keep in mind,
  the positive impact of a more stable platform with standard event
  and tasking does compensate...)

  3) As a server platform, do you think Objective-C++ is useful, or
  a portability handicap that will drag down any game using it?  (I
  am biased on this, as I happen to love the doors it opens for me,
  and am trying to get it to work in gcc on Linux)

  4) As a server platform, do you think MacOS X would be viable if,
  and this is a big if, Apple were to provide some options for less
  wimpy hardware?  E.G., if we could use it on those boards IBM had
  for demo purposes eight months ago, in rack mounts?

  5) As a server platform, can you come up with any arguments which
  would make MacOS X more desirable than Linux (with Obj-C++?) with
  solid hardware with good networking throughput?  (I have a few, a
  set of reasons gleaned from bitter experience, but I'd prefer not
  to go first on this... and I have a few in the other direction)


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