[MUD-Dev] Extensibility

John Buehler johnbue at msn.com
Wed May 8 19:39:44 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Sean Kelly writes:
> From: "Ben Chambers" <bjchamb at bellsouth.net>

>> I was thinking that instead of having code snippet archives it
>> would be cool if there was some source of expandable Java classes.
>> You know, if you want this new feature, simply download this
>> .class file and load it into the server using the graphical front
>> end.  Then simply reboot the server (this might not be necessary)
>> and without recompiling or anything you have updated your server.

> No need for a recompile or even a restart if you design it
> correctly.  This is the reason for interfaces.  This is one of the
> few features I wish C++ had, though you can get fairly close with
> DLLs.

Use Microsoft's C# to make classes with COM interfaces and stuff 'em
into the DLLs that you want for the load granularity that you need.
A new version of a component implementation is a new component, in a
distinct DLL and a distinct class identifier, permitting
simultaneous operation.


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