[MUD-Dev] Games are Hot. Period

Gladimir listmgr at san.rr.com
Thu May 9 07:07:05 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Michael Tresca wrote:

> This is from an email spam I got from WebProNews.  Note the claim
> that games are now making more money than movies:

Actually, I believe that is true.  The gaming industry passed the
record industry a few years back, and they are certainly approaching
the movie industry if they have not already surpassed it.

Publicly held game-related companies have performed quite well in
the stock market as well.  Electronic Arts (ERTS) and Nvidia (NVDA)
have been mutual fund and IRA staples for a couple of years now.  I
personally made a killing on Acclaim Entertainment (AKLM) last year,
even with the September 11 fallout.

Although I don't know precisely how the game industry stacks up
against the movie industry, gaming is definitely a growth industry.

- Carl 'Gladimir' Fenley

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