[MUD-Dev] People were talking about resets..

Anderson Anderson
Thu May 9 14:23:18 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

I was thinking of how to do resets awhile ago and basically came up
with the idea to not have resets work like standard muds.. I never
liked the idea that creatures just suddenly "appeared" magically.
If you're trying to RP that you've killed all the creatures in an
area, and then they reappear, you've done a pretty sad job.

What I'm planning on having right now (not quite done yet), is that
most creature races will have two sexes, male & female.  Mobs are
created with a random sex if you don't set the sex in the reset.
Then according to a timetable per each race, they have a chance to
create a young creature of a random sex of the same race if a male
and female are in a room together.  I also have mobs that can
generate mobs on their own (asexual) for mob generating machines
(ie, hole in the ground that's too small to fit in, but small
bunnies keep hopping out sometimes).

What this gives me is the ability for people to actually interact
with areas.  If they kill all the male or female creatures in the
area, then that creaturetype will die off eventually (I'll probably
need to reset the base mobs once in awhile, so that my mud doesn't
empty out).  However, if a mage wanted, he could charm a pile of
sheep, walk them to another area, lock them up so they don't wander
off, and let them breed.  Not quite sure why people would want to do
this, but the option sounds fun.

Problems I've seen:

  1. People will empty out the areas really fast and then we'll have
  an empty mud.

    I'm hoping that long standing players will realize that they
    should always leave a few creatures in the area.. and the lower
    level areas will probably have mob generating things (such as
    rabbit holes, etc).

  2. Too many mobs in an area if they're never killed.

    I'm thinking I could use the age of a creature to kill it off at
    it's maximum age.  But still assuming creatures will breed
    fairly fast, I'll probably need to put a safety cap on each type
    of mob, to make sure they stop reproducing at some point.  And
    I'm thinking a lot of areas could have mobs that kill each other
    to keep the population down.  IE lions & tigers and bears, oh

How does this all sound?

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