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Fri May 10 10:38:50 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

On Sat,  4 May 2002 00:36:33 -0700 (PDT)
"Freeman, Jeff" <jfreeman at soe.sony.com> wrote:
> From Damion Schubert:
>> Perhaps it's possible that Yee just chose to measure different
>> things and divide his pie in a different way?  I don't think Yee
>> left out explorers, he just didn't measure that behavior, and
>> focused on different things.

> That's really not how I took Yee's survey at all.  But it's
> important to note, and worth repeating, that Yee isn't looking to
> categorize players into one of four (or even five) groups
> *anyway*.
> Explorers don't exist.  Achievers don't exist.  Griefers don't
> exist.  Socializers don't exist.
> Rather, PEOPLE exist, which have in most cases numerous
> Motivations for playing the game (each, that is, not just
> collectively).

Jeff's message really captures the heart of the study. Focusing on
"types" forces dichotomies where they don't exist, and it
presupposes distinctions that may not be valid.

In a way, this is the main difference between old-style personality
tests like the MBTI (forced dichotomies) and the more modern
personality tests like the Big-5 (scaled responses which don't force


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