[MUD-Dev] Blacksnow revisted

shren shren at io.com
Tue May 14 05:53:48 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

On Fri, 10 May 2002, Damion Schubert wrote:

> Seems to me like you're changing the hypothetical quite a bit from
> the average joe selling his character on eBay.  (Also seems to me
> that it might be more cost effective just to buy new copies of the
> game, as if the game you're getting accounts on are probably at
> cheap pricepoints and may even give the client away for free =).

It is a worst case scenario.

>> So, ya, I'm out a little on sales, but now I have accounts.
>> Dozens of them.  I can become the worst troublemaker on the
>> planet.  I can use the TOS's "don't do this" as a checklist of
>> things to try.
> Do you have dozens of credit cards as well?

I went a little bit overboard in my description above - the focus is
on what results if character transfer is legal.  I don't need dozens
of credit cards.


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