[MUD-Dev] People were talking about resets..

Anderson Anderson
Tue May 14 10:08:59 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: Sasha.Hart at directory.reed.edu
> game, or something else. If you do this relatively "softly," so
> that mobs essentially are guaranteed to repop in some number of
> hours, then you just have a mechanism for making players move
> around the areas more. Cool. :)

That was basically my idea.  A population shouldn't be able to
handle a group of people constantly pounding the creatures in the
area.  If they take a little time to repop (eventually reaching
fairly large sizes) then it might encourage people to kill off half
an area, then let it regrow (it would regrow faster if you didn't
kill everything), and move into another area.

And I'm definately writing quite a few other ways of getting
experience, I'm hoping if I balance it well enough, only warrior
types will want to kill creatures for experience, hopefully others
will get experience in other ways.

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