[MUD-Dev] People were talking about resets..

Anderson Anderson
Tue May 14 10:55:53 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: Arnau Rossell=F3 Castell=F3

> Better i think is to put a fixed cuantity of "food" units in a
> room, to be given to the critters on it randomly, every fixed
> lapse of time. If a critter doesn't 0 get some of this food in 2
> or 3 lapses, it dies. ...

I was thinking a lot more on this earlier & decided that the food was
probably the best way to go.


  Each grasslands type room has 10 "grass", regens 1 "grass" per
  tick.  Each rabbit eats 2 grass per tick.  So a rabbit standing in
  one room could stand there for about 10 ticks.  Once that 10 ticks
  is up, the grass "regen" on the room wouldn't be enough to keep
  the rabbit full, so he'd need to wander to a new room to eat.  Now
  this original room will quickly fill back up with food, so the
  rabbit could hop from room to room back and forth eating.  So each
  room basically has a carrying population of .5 rabbits.  You make
  an area of 500 rooms, it can in theory handle 250 rabbits.  Since
  the rabbits aren't going to be completely efficient in finding
  rooms with food, I imagine it would be closer to 180 or 150
  rabbits.  These rabbits would die off once in awhile, when they
  wander into an empty area, but I imagine overall they would
  survive hopping from room to room eating each room empty and

Using this method, you wouldn't have more than 250 rabbits for any
length of time, since they'd die off pretty quickly, and if they
breed fast enough (like rabbits), then hopefully one person would
have trouble killing them fast enough.

Of course any determined person could clean them out, but then oh
well, they should find another area until the rabbit holes start up
the population again.

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