[MUD-Dev] Blacksnow revisted

Matt Mihaly the_logos at achaea.com
Wed May 15 07:52:52 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

On Tue, 14 May 2002, shren wrote:
> On Fri, 10 May 2002, Damion Schubert wrote:
>> Seems to me like you're changing the hypothetical quite a bit
>> from the average joe selling his character on eBay.  (Also seems
>> to me that it might be more cost effective just to buy new copies
>> of the game, as if the game you're getting accounts on are
>> probably at cheap pricepoints and may even give the client away
>> for free =).
> It is a worst case scenario.

The worst case scenario is that some user gets really pissed off
about character transfer, tracks me down, comes to my house, ties me
up, tortures me for a few weeks, and then kills me. Well, that's not
even close to the worst case scenario, but you get the point.

Am I worried about the worst case scenario? Not particularly. 


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