[MUD-Dev] Question about copyovers.

Jon Lambert tychomud at ix.netcom.com
Wed May 15 09:59:21 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Anderson, David wrote:

> Someone mentioned some good points about copying in new code into
> a already running Java mud.
>   What if I wanted to replicate C mud's copyover code?  I was
>   trying to think of a good way to do it the other day.
> Basically, you need to keep your vector of Sockets (the users who
> are still connected, I have a big vector of sockets basically) and
> completely startup a new copy of your mud, and somehow copy those
> sockets over to your new running mud.  Anyone know how to do this?

I don't think you can as the sockets implementation is OS dependent,
changeable and hidden.  Java would also finalize all open Sockets
and the implentation would close them.

On the other hand there's no reason why you couldn't write your own
sockets implementation and a JNI interface to it.

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