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International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces
Call for Papers
(Apologies if you receive duplicates)

Following the success of the previous three conferences held in
1996, 1999 and 2000, the fourth International Conference on
Multimodal Interfaces (ICMI'2002) will be held in Pittsburgh, 14-16
October 2002. ICMI'02 brings multimodal interface researchers,
developers and end-users together to present, demonstrate and
discuss their latest work. It will also provide those interested in
multimodal interfaces a unique opportunity to keep abreast with the
latest development in this increasingly important subject.

Multimodal interfaces represent an emerging interdisciplinary
research direction, involving spoken language understanding, natural
language understanding, image processing, computer vision, pattern
recognition, experimental psychology, etc. They aim at efficient,
convenient and natural interaction and communication between
computers and human users.  Multimodal interfaces will ultimately
enable users to interact with computers using their everyday skills.

Papers describing original work on all aspects of multimodal
interfaces are solicited.

Topics include but are not limited to the following:

  * Perceptual computing models and systems
  * Speech recognition and synthesis
  * Character and handwriting recognition
  * Hand gesture and lip-motion recognition
  * Gaze tracking, face detection and facial expression recognition
  * Machine translation and multilingual interfaces
  * Computer graphics for multimodal interfaces
  * Sensors for multimodal interfaces
  * Affective computing for HCI
  * Distributed HCI
  * Multimodal interfaces for the Internet and virtual reality
  * Multimodal interfaces for wearable and mobile computing
  * Multimodal interfaces for the disabled
  * Human factors in multimodal interfaces
  * Platforms and tools

S u b m i s s i o n

Papers must be written in English and should be no longer than 6
pages single spaced, and should use a font no smaller than
10-point. All printed material must follow the CS press
specifications (http://www.computer.org/cspress/instruct.htm) . The
title page should include the title of the paper, an abstract
(200-300 words), a list of keywords, and the authors' contact
details (postal and email addresses, fax and phone
numbers). Electronic files should be in PDF or PostScript.

In addition, proposals for demonstrations are encouraged. A 1-2 page
description of the demonstration is required. The template is the
same as for the paper guidelines. (See above)

P u b l i c a t i o n

Papers accepted for presentation at the Conference will be included
in the Proceedings to be published by CS press.

I m p o r t a n t D a t e s

  * 24 May 2002 Paper submission due
  * 30 June 2002 Notification of acceptance
  * 30 July 2002 Camera-ready manuscript due
  * 14-16 October 2002 Conference

Q u e s t i o n s ?

For further information, please consult the Conference Homepage:


or contact us:

  ICMI'02 secretariat / Celine Morel
  Interactive Systems lab
  NSH , 5000 Forbes ave
  Pittsburgh, PA 15224 USA
  Tel +1 412 268 5480 Fax +1 412 268 5578
  celine at cs.cmu.edu

C o n f e r e n c e H o m e p a g e


G e n e r a l C o - C h a i r s

Alex Waibel (CMU, USA / UKA, Germany)
Wen Gao (CAS, China)

P r o g r a m C o m m i t t e e C o - C h a i r s

Jie Yang (CMU, USA)
Eric Horvitz (Microsoft Research, USA)
Sadoki Furui (Tokyo Institute of Technology , Japan)

Program Committee:
G. Abowd, (Georgia Tech, USA)
C. Atkeson (CMU, USA)
X. Chen (CMU, USA)
P. Cohen (OGI, USA)
J. Cohn (Pittsburgh University, USA)
J. Coutaz (CLIPS, France)
J. L. Crowley (Inria, France)
T. Darrell (MIT, USA)
R. Dillman (UKA, Germany)
I. Essa (Georgia Tech, USA)
J. Flanagan (Rutgers, USA)
M. Flickner (IBM-Almaden, CA)
M. Federico (IRST, Italy)
B. Granstrom (CTT, Sweden)
T. Huang (UIUC USA)
G. Lazzari (IRST, Italy)
Y. Lecun (ATT, USA)
D. Massaro (UC-Santa Cruz)
K. Mase (ATR, Japan)
M. Maybury (MITRE, USA)
B. Myers (CMU, USA)
S. Nakamura (ATR, Japan)
R. Picard (MIT, USA)
G. Riccardi (ATT labs., USA)
C. Rohrer (Stuttgart University, Germany)
S. Shafer (Microsoft Research, USA)
H. Shum (Microsoft Research China)
D. Siewiorek (CMU, USA)
T. Starner (Georgia tech, USA)
B. Suhm (BBN, USA)
T. Tan (NLPR, China)
M. Turk (UCSB, USA)
B. Xu (CAS, China)
J. W. Yang (ETRI, Korea)

M. Bett (CMU, USA)

C. Morel (CMU, USA)

V. MacLaren (CMU, USA)
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