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Richard Aihoshi aka Jonric jonric at vaultnetwork.com
Thu May 16 02:30:27 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

At 07:07 AM 14/05/02 -0700, "Freeman, Jeff" wrote:
> From: Richard Aihoshi aka Jonric

>> In the comparisons I recall seeing between the games and movie
>> industries, the comparisons have only ever used retail sales for
>> the former versus box office receipts for the latter.  This
>> completely ignores merchandising et al, where it seems likely
>> that the movie industry brings in far more money than do games.

> Sometimes, a movie *is* "merchandising".  Sometimes it's the other
> way around.  Aren't the pokemon movie and television show and
> comic book and collectible card game merely merchandising for the
> pokemon game?  Or are they all, game included, merchandising for
> the intellectual property? (and if so, how can you make meaningful
> comparisons between one medium and the next?)

I didn't make a comparison.  I responded to two comparisons that
have been clipped where waht was being compared was not clearly
stated by offering my opinion that for any comparison to be
meaningful, it's necessary to know what's being compared, and by
giving an example of how a vague term such as "movie industry" can
be interpreted as meaning something other than only box office

> Box office sales to Box sales is the only meaningful thing that
> can be compared.  Anything else, and you're bringing some other
> industry's revenue into the picture.

Interesting that you apparently exclude subscription revenue for
games as well as rentals for both.

> At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter: a successful IP
> will be a movie and a game and a series of comic books and badly
> written novels and coloring books and happymeal toys and so on.
> How you ever could decide to classify that entire line of products
> as "Movie money" (or not) is beyond me.

At the end of the day, I didn't make such a classification.  You
inferred it.

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